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As early as Thursday, April 17, 2014, we will break ground on Streetscape Phase 2.

Streetscape Phase 2 will be divided into two phases/sections. This will help keep track of the project's progress. Phase 1 will be from Pine Street to Lincoln Street. Phase 1 will end on July 4, 2014. Phase 2 will be from Cranberry Alley to Elm Street. Phase 2 will begin as soon as Phase 1 is done and it is estimated that Phase 2 will end on September 15, 2014.

The first thing that will happen when the project begins will be the removal of all the trees, in both phases, from Cranberry to Lincoln. The trees will be cut to ground level. This is nothing out of the norm for a project like this. When construction begins and the trees in the area of the project are removed, residents and business owns will begin to experience closures on Front Street. It is estimated that it will take no more than three days to remove the trees.

Once all the trees are removed, the light poles within Phase 2 will be removed on the east side (Borough Hall side). The lights on the opposite side of the street will be removed, once the new lights are installed.

Once the lights are out, there will be no parking on both sides of the street, within the phase they are working on. Residents will still be able to use the sidewalks. The only time there will be no access to the business or homeowner will be the day the new bricks in front of their property are placed. Since we are putting bricks down, there will be no need for a dry time, so the contractors have estimated that there will only be one day businesses and homeowners will lose access to their property on Front Street.

Construction will be from Monday-Friday 7AM - 5PM.

Please call Borough Hall (717) 939-9842 ex. 5010 with questions or concerns.

123 North Front Street               Steelton, PA 17113               PH: 717.939.9842               FAX: 717.986.9084              

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